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Mizuha Nakagawa


The release date: 13rd September, 2019
Vocal: Jessica (Ngatari / NENE BALLY)
Piano: Mizuha Nakagawa
Interludes & Remix: Hauschka
Recording & Mastering Engineer: Kenji Miyamoto
Producer: Marei Suyama, Kenji Miyamoto

Artwork: Norihisa Mizuta
Art direction & design: Yuri Suyama
Photograhy: Chiyoe Sugita
Makeup: Hiroko Takashiro
Project Management: Pavut Co.,Ltd.


1 Interlude I
2 Beau soir
3 Romance
4 Les cloches
5 Interlude II
6 Clair de lune
7 Nuit d'étoiles
8 Paysage sentimental

9 Mandoline
10 Interlude III
11 Regret
12 Interlude IV
13 Le Flute de Pan
14 Interlude V
15 Les cloches (Hauschka remix)
16 Reverie
17 Clair de lune (piano)

Hauschka tracks - 01, 05, 10, 12, 14 (15 - Hauschka Remix)

Claude Debussy

Claude Debussy is an influential musician from the 20th century, who played an important role in the history of modern music.
Using innovative music scales that were not commonly seen in the traditional western music, he established a richer and more picturesque harmony.
Debussy's songs may not be as well recognized as his piano and orchestral works, but his songs also depict delicate lights and beautiful shadows, water flow, and inner feelings that are synonymous with his music, through the text by symbolist poets like Verlaine.

Jessica(Ngatari / NENE BALLY)

Studied under Yoshiko Oda and Yuko Yoshitake. Released 7 albums and 4 singles from Pony Canyon and PROGRESSIVE FOrM. Collaborations with artists such as DE DE MOUSE, World's end girlfriend, josephnothing. Also participated in compilation albums e.g."The Girl from Ipanema : Antonio Carlos Jobim tribute", "Ryuichi Sakamoto Tribute".

Mizuha Nakagawa

diploma (Piano) and diploma (CHAMBER MUSIC), Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, Alfred Cortot.
Released George Crumb's [Makrokosmos Vol.2] in 2013, recorded by Seigen Ono.

Hauschka(Volker Bertelmann)

Hauschka (Volker Bertelmann) is a leading German pianist / composer in the post-classical music scene. His unique expression using the prepared piano combines the essence of electronica, techno, and rock, creating rhythmical sounds that attract many listeners across genres. While signed with British record label FatCat Records, he released a collaboration album with Hilary Hahn from Gramophone in Germany. In recent years, he advanced into the film music industry and was nominated for the Grammy Award in the movie "Lion" (2016), proving his outstanding talent in the film music scene.

  • Jessica has an extraordinary voice that’s supernatural in a way, not only because of her interpretation of French songs, but to me it sounds almost like music from a science fiction movie. She interprets the music pieces with a kind of jazz approach without making it sound jazzy, which makes the work more appealing. I think the album came out amazing and I’m sure the album tracks as well as Jessica’s vocals will be heard by many people over a long time.
    Hauschka (Composer / Pianist)


Classical music has been excluded from our everyday playlists for some time. This is a project to translate and renew the great masterpieces of music, the “beautiful antiques”, which have been stored deep inside the treasure house, into “modern music.” Together with modern artists, we will be reforming such beautiful music with absolute value.


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